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The areas around the eyes and the eyebrows play a fundamental role in beauty and often are the first area to attract attention. The aging process of the face also begins with the formation of fine-cut skin in the same area. As the age increases, in addition to changing the skin of the skin, we will encounter skin erosion, reduce the fat content of the species, and eventually reduce the facial tissue that causes genetic and environmental factors such as sunlight, smoking and nutrition. Therefore, in order to rejuvenate the face, attention should be paid simultaneously to the causes of the aging of the face and an attempt to resolve it.Rejuvenation methods around the eye include non-surgical methods such as Botox injection, gel and lipids, and skin rejuvenation methods such as laser and RF, as well as surgical procedures such as blepharoplasty for the extra skin of the eyelids and puffs under the eyes, forearm and eyebrows, and swollen species. The important thing in the surgery around the eye is to pay attention to the condition of the tear pump and the eyelids, in order to obtain appropriate results from such complications as dry eyes, eyelids irregularities, which can lead to corneal ulceration. Therefore, it is necessary that the surgery of the eyelid is done by the specialist to the anatomical and functional details of the area in order to obtain an appropriate result with minimal complication.Plastic surgery and eye surgery is an ultrasound branch of eye surgery that deals with the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, eyelids, tear duct, lumbar and medulla facial tissue. An expert in this field, with enough understanding and knowledge about the diseases and mastering the ocular complications of surgery in this area, is able to solve the problems of this area. Dr. Bahram Eshraghi, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Medicine, Associate Professor, University of Tehran, with knowledge Scientific and practical publication of numerous articles and books on the diseases of this region in the area of ​​upper and lower eyelid bluffoplasty for the eyelids, eyebrows and eyebrows, Botox and gel injection, eyelid eyelid treatment, tear obstruction in infants and adults, ocular thyroid disease , Eye bowel fractures, and prosthetic implant service.



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Treating dull eyelids due to poor functioning of the upper eyelid muscle, removing wrinkles in the forehead and the eyes by lifting or injections of gel and Botox are one of the steps taken to beautify and rejuvenate the face.

LASIK: LASIK surgery is considered to be the least invasive treatment to improve visual acuity and with minimal complications. This does not require anesthesia and is done outpatiently.

Gingival: Eye disease such as inflammation or tumor in the back of the eye and inside the eyeball can cause a headache.

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